About Us

4Matrix is a development of New Media Learning Ltd, an education company specialising in software development. This project started its life in 2002 by two school improvement advisers - Mike and Bob - based on techniques evolved from working with school leaders.

Our aim is to create the most advanced secondary school performance data systems for schools and Multi-Academy Trusts. Our main focus is development rather than promotion. We listen to our customers and aim to turn their suggestions into our priorities. We believe in openness in showing customers what they are getting before placing an order, and we provide a free period of use so that our customers can make sure that they are completely satisfied with what 4Matrix can do.

We provide great support for using 4Matrix, through built-in videos, Live Chat, webinars, screen sharing, a knowledge base, ticket system, and telephone help when an urgent response is needed. There is a lively Facebook Group where users can contribute to new developments. Each of our support team are expert users of 4Matrix - several divide their time between supporting our customers and working in schools as data managers - so they can also talk about how their school uses 4Matrix.

As a result of this approach, most of our business comes from recommendations from satisfied users. School staff continually tell us how valuable 4Matrix has been to their school's development. You can see what school leaders say about 4Matrix here.

We may be a small company, but we have big plans. Working with a range of partners, we have some exciting new developments which we will be unveiling over the coming months. When you choose 4Matrix you are joining a great community of performance data experts. Do come and join us.

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