Download 4Matrix

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Full Network Installer

The latest version of the Full Network Installer is

This will install the 4Matrix Network Manager application on your server. It comes with Desktop Client MSI version You can use this download to update the 4Matrix Network Manager if required.

Download Full Installer

Desktop Client MSI

The latest version of the 4Matrix Desktop Client is issued on 28th August 2020.

Use this to update the Desktop Client MSI which is used to deploy 4Matrix. This is usually only required to update deployment files and fix client update issues. It will not work unless it is placed in the same folder as your Settings file.

Download Desktop Client


  • Issues updating the 4Matrix client? Please see page 1 of this document and contact support if you need further help.
  • When installing Setup.msi, you should choose a path that is on the root of a physical drive, e.g. C:\4Matrix or D:\4Matrix. This will minimise file permission issues. The client however, should be installed as normal to the Program Files (x86) folder.
  • The 4Matrix client requires the .net 4 framework to run. This is bundled with the client but RM CC3/CC4 schools should install 4 using the package provided by RM.