Download KS3 CDA Subject Templates completed by 4Matrix schools

Please use this page to download the templates for KS3 CDA subject areas which have been shared by 4Matrix schools.

We are inviting schools to share their completed templates with us and we will make them available on this page. Please contact us via email if you wish to contribute to this library. Blank templates can be downloaded from

Please note:
  • Users must be logged-in in order to download the files listed here
  • Please email if you need a username/password reminder
  • Importing template information:
  • There are several ways to import these templates into 4Matrix
  • To import the whole template and all sections, please save the file and then drag it to the box in the CDA Subjects tool. You will probably wish to keep any existing subjects and let 4Matrix make a duplicate subject at this stage. If you don't wish to create a duplicate subject you can first delete the default subject that is in the list.
    To do this, first delete ATs (and LOs if there are any) from the Statement Editor (Using SHIFT to select all and X to delete). Then delete the subject in Admin>Edit Subject.

    You can also separately import the new LOs and ATs into the Statement Editor, the Planning template into the Planning Layer and the Teaching template into the Teaching Layer. You wont need to delete the default subject to do this.

KS3 SubjectCompletedAuthorFile
ArtAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
ArtAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
ArtAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingAvanti HouseDownload
CitizenshipAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingPatcham High SchoolDownload
ComputingAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
ComputingAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingThe Holy Family Catholic SchoolDownload
ComputingAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingAvanti HouseDownload
D&TAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
D&T (Food Y9)Attainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
D&T (General Y7 and Y8)Attainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
D&T (Resistant Materials Y9)Attainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
DramaAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
EnglishAttainment/Learning/TeachingPatcham High SchoolDownload
EnglishAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
FrenchAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
FrenchAttainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
GeographyAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
GeographyAttainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
GeographyAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingAvanti HouseDownload
HistoryAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
MathsAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
MathsAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingAvanti HouseDownload
MusicAttainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
PEAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
PEAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingYate International AcademyDownload
PEAttainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
Religious EducationAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
Religious EducationAttainment/Learning/Planning/TeachingSt Edmund’s Catholic SchoolDownload
ScienceAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload
ScienceAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Edmund’s Catholic SchoolDownload
ScienceAttainment/Learning/TeachingFernhill SchoolDownload
ScienceAttainment/Learning/TeachingPatcham High SchoolDownload
SpanishAttainment/Learning/TeachingSt Aidan's Catholic AcademyDownload