Not a word I use lightly, but 4Matrix has revolutionised the way both senior and middle leaders access and interpret data at Swakeleys School for Girls. Gone are the hours of high level Excel formulas, filtering and colour coding for very little return (we have all been there!) - in its place we are now spending these hours actually USING the data (not working it out) to plan interventions and directly help pupils! We all now have instant access to grade entry analysis which is so easy to analyse and spot patterns in years 7-11. 4Matrix has also been an invaluable tool in planning curriculum change and most recently has been used as an extra level in setting targets. I am new to the data role this year - implementing 4Matrix has been so worth while for everyone, least of all me! I cannot recommend it enough and can't wait for 6th Form to be included too!!

Deputy Headteacher, Swakeleys School