4Matrix Bett 2023

4Matrix Fusion has made a huge difference to how we analyse data at both KS4 and KS5 within our multi-academy trust. The ability to view all our schools’ data in one place and without requiring time consuming data uploads makes the job of our School Improvement Team much easier. We are able to share data “live” during Governors’ meetings and they really appreciate the visualisations available through Fusion. I am not sure how we would cope with out it!

We implemented 4Matrix Fusion across our Trust at the end of Term 6 2022 in time for results days, thanks to the amazing support of the 4Matrix team. 4Matrix Fusion has provided our Trust with a powerful and accessible platform for viewing our data at KS4 and KS5. The subject and focus-group analysis has led to positive student-level impact, through subject collaborations, aligning curriculum offers, and enhanced data-led line management meetings. All our secondary schools now use 4Matrix and our data managers can share their anonymised school data with Fusion in seconds.

Have now got 4Matrix Fusion set up and functioning as I'd like - very impressed so far. Very keen to work with you moving forward both as a trust and with all our secondary schools.

4Matrix Fusion has enabled our Trust to get a clear oversight into our school’s progress data at key stage 4. It saves our data and exams teams a significant amount of time in providing the Trust with their data. We can use it collaboratively with 4Matrix Desktop to really get to know our schools and where we need to target intervention across subjects. The recent update to contextual data options has also meant tracking the progress of key groups of pupils is no longer a time-consuming task. We look forward to the new developments as they are available to us, including MAT performance table data.

We love 4Matrix Fusion. We will be keen to work closely in helping to develop it further.

We are delighted with our use of 4Matrix Fusion and it has rapidly become a key tool within the MAT.

The new Subject Analysis tool is a great addition to the 4Matrix toolkit! It is one of the things that I have always wanted to be able to do - comparing a subject across series across years. This is really useful when we have senior leadership conversations with curriculum leaders and helps to show an improvement or decline across a number of years.

I wished to pass on my compliments for re-designing and improving the data import wizard. The new update has made what was already a smooth, streamlined experience somehow even better. Every aspect of it just flows better and it seems a lot more stable and user-friendly, especially the subject mapping process. Excellent update all round and just wanted to share my appreciation of it. Our Trust absolutely love using it.

Thanks for all your help yesterday. I got in very early this morning and now all our Examination Results data is sorted. I think this is the most stressful GCSE day I’ve had in 8 years because of all the changes. We are totally reliant on 4Matrix because there is no way we can replicate all the intricacies of the early entry and discounting etc in a spreadsheet.

We have used 4Matrix significantly more this year than previously. It has been a great help in our Raising Aspirations group, targeting individual students and giving them specific interventions. For maths, l love the use of the Flight Paths so that students can see the amount of progress they have made and where they are going.

Not a word I use lightly, but 4Matrix has revolutionised the way both senior and middle leaders access and interpret data at Swakeleys School for Girls. Gone are the hours of high level Excel formulas, filtering and colour coding for very little return (we have all been there!) - in its place we are now spending these hours actually USING the data (not working it out) to plan interventions and directly help pupils! We all now have instant access to grade entry analysis which is so easy to analyse and spot patterns in years 7-11. 4Matrix has also been an invaluable tool in planning curriculum change and most recently has been used as an extra level in setting targets. I am new to the data role this year - implementing 4Matrix has been so worth while for everyone, least of all me! I cannot recommend it enough and can't wait for 6th Form to be included too!!

I have been using 4Matrix for a while now. It is fabulous and so easy to use. The best thing for me is that I don't have to hunt around for data when I have a line management meeting. In 4Matrix we can go straight into the subject and see the latest data. I can hardly wait to see the new Progress8 tool as I spent all last weekend in Excel working it out.

We introduced 4 Matrix about a year ago - The system really helped with the summer analysis and I was able to use the Press Release and Research Groups in my report to Governors in August. Staff can use it to focus their intervention right down to group and individual level, which is where we find it is most powerful. We have a sig- KS2 PA cohort, so a lot of our students are in the target C/D group and every little thing we can do to help identify intervention helps!

I like the way in 4Matrix that I can easily create research groups – it allows me to monitor the impact of interventions across the school, without having to look at individual student data. I’ve also used the photo feature on the Borderline Analysis to identify (and put a face to) those students who need any extra last minute support. The new photo Transition Matrices will save me inordinate amounts of time as I can see instantly on a subject, class and school level where the progress issues are. Gap Analysis still to come and I will be a happy data loving bunny..

“I would just like to say that the new Transition Matrices tool is fantastic! Very impressed - thanks for this.”

“Keep up the amazing work, I don’t know where I would be without 4Matrix !”

“Since purchasing 4Matrix, we as a school have revolutionised our sharing of KS4 data and been able to investigate the pupil’s achievement over time much more rigorously across the school. The power of 4Matrix is equally useful however with individual pupils one to one.”

”I’ve just updated 4Matrix to the latest version this afternoon - including Transition Matrices - and I am really impressed with what you have done with this. No more playing around with pivot tables for us!”

"This is our second year of subscribing to 4Matrix and have only really dabbled in it up until now. We are really impressed with the reports and tracking that the package provides. It is so easy to use and important that you can import data easily either via SIMS or a spreadsheet. It is also great that you can drill down into the data if there is a problem. I also find your support excellent. "

4Matrix has proved invaluable during our recent Ofsted inspection, in which we secured our third consecutive Outstanding report. We had the ability to respond instantly to any request for student performance data whether current or historic. It certainly put us firmly in the driving seat in this most critical area of the inspection. I cannot recommend 4Matrix highly enough - it is an essential tool for all schools that are serious about raising achievement and safeguarding themselves against unexpected Ofsted data requests.

The 4Matrix software has provided us with the ability to quickly analyse data and drill down to class level, all at the touch of a button - a really powerful tool to support school self evaluation and in raising standards.

4Matrix has made it possible for all school leaders to turn data into valuable information that will have an impact in the classroom, it's difficult to imagine working without it now.

We could see that 4Matrix had real potential for our school, but following the SKDL training, our SLT, data team and subject leaders are genuinely excited about the ways in which it can support our current work, and save us time on our data analysis, enabling us to really focus on the next steps. We know it is going to make a real difference, thank you.

The ability of 4Matrix to place a veil of contextualisation over the top of our school data that enables our staff to see the data the way they need it, whether that be SLT monitoring, HOD or classroom teacher tracking, is really refreshing.

The new Flight Path tool in 4Matrix - WOW!

I just wanted to let you know how we were taken aback with the power of 4Matrix on results day.
What traditionally took 3+ hours was done in a matter of minutes. It enabled me to concentrate on the bigger picture.
I can't recommend 4Matrix highly enough!

4Matrix has made late Summer much more enjoyable once again! It has cut the time it takes to calculate our headline performance measures and begin to analyse performance in detail. Several days of Summer Holidays saved that would once have been spent with head buried in spreadsheets. On return to school 4Matrix will make the job of detailed subject level analysis much easier for our Subject Leaders and Classroom Teachers.

4Matrix continues to be one of the most valuable data tools that we use as a school. The support has been fantastic, as ever, and the product has continued to evolve to meet the ever increasing wealth of data that needs to be provided and analysed by various interested parties. In terms of value for money, this product is exceptional. I'd recommend it to any school. The benefits far outweigh the cost of the licence.

4Matrix has proved to be a real asset, it has really made a difference when looking at results, and has saved me a lot of time number crunching. So thank you to you and your team, I can’t wait to show subject leaders in September.

As a result of 4Matrix we were able to immediately analyse all of our results within minutes of them arriving - absolutely invaluable to look at all the key performance indicators, progress and value added for all students and groups immediately.

4Matrix has made such a difference to us in such a short space of time. We can now have an instant insight into where students are and where we are as a College, in terms of progress and achievement. It is accessible and easy to master; it has given us a confidence and understanding that we were previously lacking!

Our school had Ofsted in last week. The Section 1 interview about past standards and predicted standards was a breeze due to the work we’ve done on 4Matrix. We knew exactly where our areas for development were, which the inspectors concurred with. The required information about the Pupil Premium students was all to hand through the research groups. 4Matrix really worked in site of the short notice - everything was just ready!

Since introducing 4Matrix into our school we have not had to force, cajole or even persuade any of our teachers and middle leaders to use it! They love it and find it really useful. What more can I say? It's brilliant! We recommend it without reservation.

4Matrix has revolutionised assessment tracking for our school. Staff take ownership of their data and leadership are able to respond at whole school, departmental and individual student level rapidly and with impact.

Since we started using 4Matrix, we have rolled it out across the school and have been inundated with positive comments about the system from class teachers, heads of departments and SLT. We have trained staff in using it and have been so pleased with how well it has been received by all. The data team have successfully imported all of the Year 10 and year 11 report data into it for this year and are looking forward to using it this summer – it is a great tool !
I am fully converted to 4Matrix, and it has really created a buzz in the school that we were not expecting to such a great extent.

I have to say that 4Matrix is the most brilliant piece of data analysis software I have seen, it has already opened our eyes to a couple of really important issues that we just had not seen.

We are loving 4Matrix – and it is certainly having a real impact in encouraging senior and middle leaders to use data effectively to support their professional conversations with their teams, and of course then improving teaching and learning and outcomes! The quote from my AHT for KS4 at last night’s SLG was: ‘It’s just so amazing! Every time that I log in I discover a new tool to use, and it makes conversations about data even simpler than before.

The new features are fantastic! I have now put the KS2 results in for this Year 11 and so we are able to use this for all the Year 11 series - measuring levels of progress made, etc. I have also loaded the FFT estimates and these are also proving very worthwhile using the comparative feature of Target vs Actual. In the Pupil Display, it includes a printable report of all of these series with a wonderful graph. These new features, along with the Ebacc analysis, are so so useful for ongoing analysis and helps me enormously to provide analyses of each series for comparisons.

We have successfully used 4Matrix to analyse our Year 11 data for the last two years. Uploading is a relatively simple process and, once completed, produces some skilled analyses that would be difficult to produce using Excel. The subject profiles with commentary are very useful for subject leaders to aid their analysis of performance. 4Matrix represents the data in a visually appealing way which can be understood easily.

We have been using 4Matrix for a year now and the new version allows SLT to provide middle leaders with a detailed analysis of results, allowing them to forensically analyse performance. It allows senior leaders to drill down to the real detail thus improving teacher and school performance.

In our inspection in June 2012 the lead inspector was aware of the 4Matrix system that our school uses and was keen to point it out to the rest of her team. In my meeting with the lead Inspector on achievement I presented her with the press release pack for our Year 11 Summer fine grades with a comparison with the same period last year. The predictions we were making for our 5 A* - C (E&M) and 5 A* - C were accepted without any further discussions. The same data was also able to show the progress being made by our EAL students and this ticked off another box. At The Brittons Academy we also use our fine grades data to show the 3 levels of progress being made in English and mathematics. Again this was accepted without any real further discussion. 4Matrix is clearly fit for purpose and I will continue to develop how we use it next year.

4Matrix is the Holy Grail for Data Managers! Yes I did say that. I hadn't noticed that I had got so carried away! It is a testament to the quality of the software (and it can only get better), that it provides the majority of the important analysis that data managers need to make, and with 4Matrix we can do it on a regular basis with very little outlay in terms of cost or effort. This is a far cry from messing around with spreadsheets and formulas.

I can honestly say it is transforming our practice at BDS. I have used it to have all sorts of meetings with HoDs. We have written a load of OfSTED style questions that they need to prepare to answer and we are using it for all our data analysis. I have created groups (SEN/CiC/LAC etc AND high/mddle/low ability on entry) to help them so they are taking action on the issues and not just generating information. I shall look at the new version tomorrow and I am sure I will continue to be thrilled!

“I have been using Sims and Assessment Manager for 7 years now so I would class myself as fairly experienced. I find 4Matrix really gives us just what we need - I am still learning each time I use it. It is very user friendly and I have found the support the company has given us to be very helpful. Once the data is imported, the reports are so easy and have been extremely useful to the senior team and heads of year. Everyone is really pleased now with the information I am now able to provide. I also think the video tutorials are great!.

4Matrix has proved to be extremely valuable to classroom teachers and heads of department, particularly with last summer’s results. It helps leaders ask the key questions that need to be asked in order to plan and deliver school improvement. We use it to process report data too, which is helping us to track students’ progress efficiently and effectively.
I attended a recent Schools Network course in London where a flyer for 4Matrix was in the delegate pack, and I was able to give a whole-hearted recommendation to colleagues at the course on the value of this package.

Just a brief note to say how impressed I have been with the 4Matrix system. It has provided me with a far more detailed and incisive analysis in a considerably shorter timescale than anything we have used hitherto. We have a national profile for raising standards and our use of analytical data tools. As an 'Outstanding' school we have supported in excess of 200 schools across the whole country during the past two years. I shall be leading school improvement projects in London, Norfolk and Wakefield in the near future, and we have interest from the Inspirational Schools Partnership in the USA in our use of data to drive up standards.

4Matrix is an amazing piece of software that has saved hours of time that would usually be spent on data analysis. I used it for the first time in July of this year and I was extremely impressed with what it will do. Whether you wish to examine your data at individual student, teacher or subject level; it lets you do it with a few clicks of your mouse. It is intuitive to use and the support that you receive from the team is first class. I would recommend it to any school that wants to further empower their middle leaders to reduce In-School Variation as it removes the burden of time spent doing calculations and counting, and frees them to spend the time getting under the skin of departmental performance and changing things for the future. In my opinion, it is also incredibly good value.

I just thought I should get in touch and congratulate you and the company on 4Matrix. I have only been able to get to use it over the past couple of days but I have to say that so far I think it is a fantastic application. I don't think I or our SMT have had the time to fully appreciate all it will be able to do for us but I do know that it is going to make my life a lot easier from now on.

Can I say how straightforward the installation process was? We've tried various items of software that claim they integrate with SIMS, and often they take up a massive amount of technicians time to sort. 4Matrix was installed on the server, a workstation, and an analysis of last years results produced within a couple of hours!
Many thanks for producing a reliable, easy-to-use product

We use 4Matrix for monitoring student progress 3 times a year - especially C/D borderline students. One of the key benefits for The Brittons Academy is the time saved by the vice-principal and the data manager in producing key data reports. We use the Fine Grades tool to alert staff where interventions need to be made to ensure student success. A really nice feature is the ability to produce photo-montage posters that can be used in individual classrooms, heads of department and raising standards leader offices. 4Matrix supports many of the methods developed through working with the PIXL club.

4Matrix is a brilliant product. It has helped take the sweat out of working with student data and its level of interactivity is superb. We have been able to research differences between comparative performance for student groupings of our choice in a way that our school's information management system simply can't. The use of 4Matrix has helped us plan coherent change to make a difference to teaching and learning and hence standards

It's a good job we had 4Matrix on results day. Due to various problems (not with 4Matrix) we had all our results in a spreadsheet and needed a straightforward way of producing consolidated reports for our students. I must also say a big thank you to your support staff for sorting out a download problem. Apart from the excellent product I would suggest that your totally dependable support system is a crucial positive factor with 4Matrix.

4Matrix is a very sophisticated and well-developed tool for examining “Within School Variation” (WSV). It’s been well known for some time that a high level of WSV - performance differences between subject areas - is highly damaging, and yet is often difficult to pin down. 4Matrix provides hard evidence that’s proof against myths and misconceptions

My Initial impressions of 4Matrix are very good. It reminds me of the Pupil Achievement Tracker that I used to use a few years back, but much, much better. This is exactly the piece of software that I have been searching for to replace the PAT and I believe I have found it.

We recently began a trial of the 4matrix software and have been extremely impressed by its scope and versatility. It carries out far more searching and relevant analysis of student achievement and progress than I could ever hope to achieve with Excel. Very useful when I have to present data to our Governors! I have been equally pleased by the courteous, friendly and knowledgeable staff I have spoken with on contacting the support line

4Matrix is indispensable to us and I am delighted with the features of the new version. We use it extensively year on year – when the head asks for residual levels for teaching groups – I create it all from 4Matrix. When teachers ask for their performance sheets (especially for past years for their CPD) it is all there in 4Matrix.

We ran the 4Matrix software using the mock grades as predictors and it was highly effective in predicting where interventions needed to take place on a department and individual student level. 4Matrix is a simple, easy to use and very powerful tool in identifying Within School Variation. It is rocket fuel for the self-evaluating school

Wow! We have been bowled over by the power of the data and the information 4Matrix has given us just in the first few hours today. My data manager was so impressed that he insisted on taking over the first part of our meeting this evening with a presentation of what 4Matrix told us about our data. I only gave it to him at 11.30 this morning! All my team who saw it immediately realised its potential and were asking probing questions about pupil performance.
We have had a changing profile of pupils in recent years which has affected our traditionally high percentage of A*-C grades. Your software has enabled us to “tell a different story” just in the first few hours of using it. We will be able to target our attention much more precisely as a result of 4Matrix. Congratulations on a superb school improvement tool.

Prior to using 4Matrix I would have had to spend hours number crunching, only to produce complicated tables of analysis that only those with a background in mathematics could understand and put to good use. The 4Matrix toolbox is so simple to use. I have described it as being "idiot proof". All of our Curriculum Team Leaders have found the package easy to use, and have therefore began to really evaluate and review their performance with confidence. Consequently, SMT use the package to set team targets with team leaders, who then use this information to set individual teacher's targets.
Our aim to reduce 'within school variation' has been greatly enhanced with 4Matrix. It has allowed Senior/Middle Leaders and their teams to get beneath the headline A*-C figures and ascertain who has really added value to their subject areas/teaching groups/students. It has raised the pertinent questions and stimulated appropriate dialogue that never before took place comprehensively, with respect to the college as a whole. And the icing on the cake is that the data is there at our fingertips from GCSE results day, hence allowing our target review and setting cycle to start earlier

4Matrix has already proven to be a helpful tool that allows us through its graphic display to immediately draw insightful conclusions that are not readily apparent from the raw data alone.
The ability to make comparisons between subjects has given us a real handle on in-school variation at KS4 and already Senior Team subject mentors are beginning to ask colleagues about the underlying causes for differences in subject achievement. We are now in a strong position to develop searching questions that will become the basis for collaborative improvement on many levels. 4Matrix has improved our whole school evaluation and is further informing our judgments with respect to the school’s School Evaluation Form (SEF).