Share & Compare: Summer 2021 (updated 9:00 Tuesday 24th August 2021)

***The first set of Share & Compare comparative data is now available. Use mini-guide link on this page for instructions on applying data to a series.***

The key stage 4 Share & Compare service opened for submissions at 9.30am on Thursday 12th August 2021.

You can still register and take part until mid-September.. In 4Matrix, go to Admin > Share & Compare and follow the register link. You will not need to re-register if you took part in S&C 2020, however, you may wish to check and validate your login credentials by logging into the S&C tool as soon as possible.

The Share & Compare service will provide the first proxy indicator for Scaled Scores and how this new currency relates to outcomes at key stage 4, Progress 8 and our unique Subject Value Added measure.

Share & Compare is exclusive to 4Matrix customers and best of all, it’s free!

As per previous years, you must upload your own school's data to access the comparative data.

NB: Government policy is that data from TAGs will not be used for accountability purposes and should not be used by schools for teacher performance management. For more information, please see this link.

Please use the tabs below to find out more about the Share & Compare data collaboration exercise.

What will the S&C data allow us to do? Subject Value Added - SVA Data Validation and Accuracy How to get involved How does it work?
GDPR Information Where is the data stored? What happens to the data once S&C has finished? List of data fields to be included in S&C Terms and Conditions