In-Built Videos

4Matrix now contains in-built tutorial videos and we'll be adding to these over time. They are currently available in the Flight Path, Subject Profile, Transition Matrices, Edit Markbook, Groups Control, and more, via the small video icon which can be found next to the name of the tool: . Click here to see a preview of the Flight Path in-built video, and here to see a preview of the Progress 8 video.

Online Videos: Extended Tutorials

New for June 2017, the videos below provide an in-depth look at importing and managing data for new users. They are interactive in that users can activate a table of contents, subtitles, and use buttons in the videos to jump forwards and backwards to specific points on the timeline and open web-links. Videos 6 and 7 will be completed and uploaded in Autumn 2017.

1: An Introduction to Importing Data

A first look at importing data into 4Matrix

Video 1

2: Preparing Your Data

Guidance on how to prepare your spreadsheets

Video 2

3: Creating Series Pt1

Importing spreadsheets

Video 1

4: Creating Series Pt2

Adding contextual data using your MIS or spreadsheets

Video 2

5: Importing Results From Your MIS

Includes SIMS, CMIS and Bromcom

Video 1
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