A video overview of 4Matrix - January 2018

4Matrix for Welsh Schools

We are proud to announce that 4Matrix includes a range of new BETA tools and features to support the Welsh KS4 School Performance Measures. Existing customers will be contacted directly with information about the changes and to guide them with the required setup tweaks.

If you are a Welsh school and would like to try 4Matrix, please read the information below and follow the sign-up link.

Supported Performance Measures

  • Level 2 Threshold Inclusive: The Level 2 threshold requires 5 GCSE or equivalent passes at C grade or above with a 40% limit on non-GCSE qualifications. The ‘inclusive’ element requires a C grade or above in Welsh/English Language and a C grade or above in Mathematics or Numeracy.
  • Level 2 Threshold: The Level 2 threshold requires 5 passes at C grade or above with a 40% limit on non-GCSE qualifications.
  • Level 1 Threshold: The Level 1 threshold requires 5 passes between A*-G grades with a 40% limit on non-GCSE qualifications.
  • Capped 9 Points Score: The first five grades are subject specific with the last four grades being the learner’s best grades. There is no limit on non-GCSE qualifications.
  • The new Welsh Baccalaureate performance measure: New for 2018, see a complete breakdown of individual pupil and subject performance.
  • All other features for tracking subject and pupil performance as per the standard 4Matrix licence.

Licence Information

As a special offer to Welsh schools, we are offering a time-limited discount of £100 on the cost of a years licence to £860 + VAT. Please use the link below if you would like to try 4Matrix. The discount will also apply to renewals and it will automatically be added to renewal invoices.

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Demo Data and Qualification Notes

When creating your 4Matrix database, Welsh schools will have the option to load the Welsh demo data. 4Matrix comes pre-loaded with almost 1000 qualifications that are unique to the Welsh performance measures for 2017, 2018 and 2019, on top of the standard English versions.

If you cannot find the qualification you're looking for when importing your own school's data, please use the Missing Qual link below to request a missing qualification.

Request Missing Qualification