Update Fix Information (updated 11/11/2019)

*Update Fix Information*

This article was last updated on: 11/11/2019 at 14:20

4Matrix update is now available. Some users are reporting that the update progress bar gets stuck when it completes, and some users are reporting error messages on launching 4Matrix that updates cannot be applied. Please work through the following checklist:

Problem 1: The update progress bar gets stuck when it reaches 100% and nothing happens:

This problem occurs because the 4Matrix application is waiting for a response from the 4Matrix Auto Update Service. This is now resolved with the client msi and users affected by this should re-deploy 4Matrix. There are instructions for obtaining the latest msi in the notes below.

Problem 2: The user receives an error saying updates cannot be applied:

1) In order to resolve the update issues you have been experiencing, you will need to deploy the msi to affected clients

2) To get the latest msi, please go to www.4matrix.com/downloads (the msi link is in the yellow box). You need to be logged in in order to access the msi, please email info@4matrix.com if you need a reminder of your login details

3) Place the msi in your client files folder, alongside the Settings file, and – if you have one – a LauncherSettings file.

4) If you don’t have a LauncherSettings file, we strongly recommend that you download one from www.4matrix.com/files/downloads/LauncherSettings.xml

5) Once you have the msi, Settings and LauncherSettings in the client files folder, please deploy 4Matrix - or, install it to a shared apps folder, if you are running 4Matrix from a share*.

6) On a test client, 4Matrix should now open and check for updates as usual. No further update issues should occur going forward. Please also ensure that the shortcut (in the Start Menu or on the Desktop) on your clients points to Launcher.exe

*Please note that if running from a share, you should also have the 'copylocal' path parameter in the LauncherSettings file set so that 4Matrix is cached to the local machine. This helps prevent performance issues. Please contact us at https://help.4matrix.com if you need help with setting this up.