4Matrix Desktop

Windows Application

The leading software application for individual schools.


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4Matrix Infinity

Web Application

Add-on for 4Matrix Desktop. Web-access to a selection of features.


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4Matrix Fusion

Trust Dashboard

Our powerful new web-application for Trusts and groups of schools.


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4Matrix Desktop - Windows Application


4Matrix provides power tools to analyse, compare, forecast and report on the performance of subjects, the progress made by different groups of pupils, the consistency and impact of teaching, and key school performance indicators.


  • + Application for Microsoft Windows
  • + Supports key stages 3, 4 and 5
  • + Data extraction tools for SIMS and Bromcom
  • + Options to export most displays, plus pupil photo reports


4Matrix includes over 35 tools across 3 key stages. It offers a unique set of tools in response to a focus on Curriculum Impact at key stage 3. For key stages 4 and 5, various pupil and subject-level tools sit alongside our powerful Progress 8 and Value Added solutions.


4Matrix Desktop costs just £1195 + VAT per year and comes with a 30-day free trial. Please visit the sign up page for more information.

4Matrix Infinity - 4Matrix Online


Infinity is the new web-based 4Matrix. Access 4Matrix from home, on any device.


  • + FREE, optional add-on to 4Matrix Desktop
  • + Provides online-access to a selection of features
  • + Seating Plan tool included
  • + Can be used on any desktop or mobile device


Infinity is designed to work alongside 4Matrix Desktop - it links with the 4Matrix Desktop database. There is no need to re-import or duplicate your existing 4Matrix data!


It can be hosted as an intranet or internet application and we offer schools the option to install Infinity as a Web Application Proxy (WAP) for an additional layer of security.


4Matrix Infinity is currently free to try! If your school already uses 4Matrix Desktop and you wish to try Infinity, please log a ticket on our support portal asking for further information.

4Matrix Fusion - Trust Dashboard


4Matrix Fusion is a new web-based performance data solution specifically designed for Multi-Academy Trusts. It uses the power of 4Matrix to provide top-level analysis of school performance data to support the reporting of Performance Indicators for MATs.


  • + Web-based multi-school analysis solution
  • + Investigate Trust and school-level performance at KS4
  • + Advanced filtering for drilling down to subject and group-level
  • + Interactive charts and tables


Fusion requires each school in the group to have a 4Matrix Desktop licence in order to access the Fusion data upload feature.


4Matrix Fusion is currently in BETA with over 50 Trusts and is free to try. If 2 or more of the schools in your Trust already use 4Matrix Desktop and you wish to try Fusion, please complete the form at this link and we will aim to get you setup within 2 working days.

6th Form Colleges


6th Form Colleges can purchase a 1-year licence for 4Matrix Desktop and use our KS5 tools for just £800 + VAT.


This includes 15+ tools for investigating performance at school, subject and pupil level, and is a fixed cost for any number of users and pupils.


Please use offer code 6FORM when ordering 4Matrix Desktop to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

KS5 Screens

4Matrix for Wales


Schools in Wales can purchase a 1-year licence for 4Matrix Desktop with our Welsh features for just £860 + VAT. This is a time-limited offer!


4Matrix includes a range of new BETA tools and features to support the Welsh KS4 School Performance Measures, including Capped 9 and the Welsh Baccalaureate.


Please use offer code WALES when ordering 4Matrix Desktop, or visit our Wales portal for more information.

Wales Portal